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<t*> kohju: two main points. the GNOME build for solaris is build with a toolset, this is located here:

<t*> pkgbuild.sf.net

<kohju> t*: thanks :)

<t*> on the opensolaris pages there is an explanation how to setup the tool-chain, and a bot outdated one (shorter) is to be seen with the example of an MP3 player with gui: http://sarine.nl/gmpc-solaris-build

<t*> the opensolaris link follows, moment pls

<t*> keywords are: CBE (Common Build Environment) and JDS

<t*> kohju: download-link for the CBE: http://dlc.sun.com/osol/jds/downloads/cbe/ - the mainpage I have not at hand atm, sorry.

<t*> kohju: and many of the general pages explainint the RPM-style build recipes apply to these here too (altough CBE is not 100% identical to the linxu-RPM one)

<kohju> t*: ok. I'll study it.


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