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CBEは、Common Build Environmentとも言い、死んでしまったsourcejuicerや、かつてJDS CBEと言われた環境、SFE(Spec File Extra)向けの環境です。


  • 適当にZONEを作成する。
  • DNS解決出来ること
  • 外部ネットワークに出れること。
  • オペレータ用のユーザを作る
    • pfexecでPrimary Administratorになれること
    • sudoの設定をしておくこと。



pkg install -v zsh


groupadd -g 1001 justplayer
useradd -u 1004 -g justplayer -s /bin/zsh -m kohju


passwd kohju

現時点のバージョンでは、Solaris11のcbe setup toolsでは、sudoを利用するので、sudoersに、自分を追加しておく。


kohju ALL=(ALL) ALL


RBACのPrimary Administratorのテスト方法

pfexec su -


sudo su -

Oracle Studio 12.3のインストール

Oracle Solaris Studioは、IPS経由でインストールできません。





  • http://bit.ly/bootstrap-sfe-testing-os20nn


sudo pkg install -v SUNWcar SUNWkvm screen mercurial subversion


kohju@work-spec151% ./bootstrap-sfe-testing-os20nn.orig kohju



kohju@work-spec151% ./bootstrap-sfe-testing-os20nn.orig kohju
Version: bootstrap-sfe-latest-os200906-20101128-1454
setting locale to "C"
Checking for command-line-arguments..
Using username "kohju" for the build environment.
Checking for "id" command supporting the "-u" switch... Found: /usr/xpg4/bin/id
Checking for "ex" command... dumb: Unknown terminal type
dumb: Unknown terminal type
dumb: Unknown terminal type
Found: /usr/bin/ex
Checking for uname -v build number... 151
Using existing file /etc/release
Checking for distribution ... 
Assuming this is a system of style: SX2010.11
Changing to "sudo" to elevate permissions, since this is SX2010/OI2010


Unless otherwise directed, this script prompts for *YOUR* password.

For elevating permisisons we use "sudo", please enter your regular user password below:
[bootstrap-sfe] YOUR password:

Checking for assigned User-Profile "Software Installation"...
Checking for existing profile "Software Installation"...
Username kohju already owns the profile(s): (display is filtered)
Primary Administrator
You are a good one. Unbelievable rights already assigned.

Preparing DNS config for this machine...
 Testing DNS resolution: getent hosts www.opensolaris.org

Nameservice seems to be set up already

Updating system's trusted Certificate Authorities ... not needed!

Preparing check for compiler test /var/tmp/kohju/compiletest-17579.c ...
Running tests for SX2010.11
Testing this compiler now: /opt/sunstudio12.1
Verify if (Sun) C compiler is present and executable:
   + Compiler binary is executable.

      /opt/sunstudio12.1 x   *succeeded*

C Compiler is set to /opt/sunstudio12.1/bin/cc

Install missing packages needed for most compiles. Next command may need
some time to complete for download and install...

Install system headers first:
(Allowed to fail because it's now partly integrated in other packages)
sudo pkg install SUNWhea

No updates necessary for this image.           
Install second (NOT allowed to fail): ss-dev gcc-dev SUNWgpch SUNWwget SUNWgtar 

SUNWxorg-headers SUNWpkgcmds SUNWperl-xml-parserSUNWgmake SUNWgnu-automake-110 SUNWgnome-doc-utilsSUNWgsed SUNWgawk SUNWgnu-diffutils SUNWgnu-coreutilsSUNWgnome-base-libs SUNWgnome-common-devel SUNWgnu-gettextSUNWggrp SUNWgnu-findutils SUNWgnu-coreutils SUNWgm4SUNWxcu4 SUNWxcu6 SUNWgnome-xmlSUNWPython SUNWTcl SUNWTiff SUNWTk SUNWadmapSUNWadmlib-sysid SUNWadmr SUNWarc SUNWatfs SUNWbash SUNWbip SUNWbzipSUNWj6dmo SUNWj6cfg SUNWj6rt SUNWj6rtxSUNWj6man SUNWj6dvx SUNWj6dev SUNWj6dmx SUNWbtoolSUNWsvncompatibility/packages/SUNWxwinc

No updates necessary for this image.           
pkg install of required packages successful (return code 4)
Running /usr/share/sgml/docbook/docbook-catalog-install.sh ...
This may take a while ...
finished docbook-catalog-install.sh (exit was code: 0)
Removing some files not referenced in the packaging system which get in the way
(pkg would complain about the files already existing) ...
Sorry, but I'm removing file(s)/directories: /opt/dtbld/bin/pkgbuild /opt/dtbld/bin/pkgtool /opt/dtbld/bin/spectool /opt/dtbld/lib/pkgbuild-[0-9].[0-9]*[0-9]* /home/kohju/.pkgbuildmacros
Checking for environment settings in the file ".bash_profile" we want to clean.
Note: You need to re-login to take the new PATH to effect outside of this
installation script.
Note: This step addresses test farm zones
Downloading CBE
--2010-12-07 01:58:31--  http://dlc.sun.com/osol/jds/downloads/cbe/test/desktop-cbe-1.7.0-rc1-x86.tar.bz2
idn_decode failed (9): `System iconv failed'
Resolving dlc.sun.com...
idn_decode failed (9): `System iconv failed'
Connecting to dlc.sun.com||:80... connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK
Length: 22416101 (21M) [application/x-tar]
Saving to: `desktop-cbe-1.7.0-rc1-x86.tar.bz2'

100%[==================================================================================>] 22,416,101   383K/s   in 57s     

2010-12-07 01:59:28 (383 KB/s) - `desktop-cbe-1.7.0-rc1-x86.tar.bz2' saved [22416101/22416101]

rm: /var/tmp/kohju/desktop-cbe-inputfile.[0-9]*: No such file or directory
/var/tmp/kohju/installcbe-script-17579.sh: No such file or directory


Desktop Common Build Environment (CBE) Installer version 1.7.0-rc1
Using "pkg" packaging system
Checking for required packages...
dep checks disabled.
./cbe-install: line 606: [: =: unary operator expected
./cbe-install: line 609: [: =: unary operator expected


WARNING: some required packages are missing. Expect build issues...
Starting from pkgbuild 1.1.0 (CBE 1.5) there is no system-wide
build directory (%_topdir), instead, each user has their own.
The default directory is $HOME/packages.
If you wish to use a different build directory, you can define it
in $HOME/.pkgbuildmacros as follows:

%_topdir /path/to/my/build/area

Would you like to do this now? => no
The default topdir (/home/kohju/packages) will be used
Locating compilers...

The following compilers were found on your system:
1 - GNU gcc 3.4.3 (3) in /usr/bin
2 - GNU gcc 3.4.3 (3) in /usr/sfw/bin
3 - Sun Studio Express 5.10 (Ceres) in /usr/bin
4 - Sun Studio Express 5.10 (Ceres) in /opt/SunStudioExpress/bin
5 - Sun Studio Express 5.10 (Ceres) in /opt/sunstudio12.1/bin
Selected #5 /opt/sunstudio12.1/bin/cc

The Desktop CBE includes tools for building GNOME, KDE and/or SFE packages
It also includes some optional tools. Please select the tools you wish
to install.

Would you like install the tools for GNOME? => yes
Would you like install the tools for KDE? => yes
Would you like install the tools for SFE? => yes

The following tools are optional: rsync cvs
Would you like install the optional tools? => yes
Installing package SFpkgbuild

Installation of <SFpkgbuild> was successful.
Looking for package SUNWaconf
... already installed
Looking for package SUNWgnu-automake-110 SUNWgnu-automake-19
... already installed
Looking for package SUNWbison
... already installed
Looking for package SUNWflexlex
... already installed
Looking for package SUNWlibtool
... already installed
Looking for package SUNWgmake
... already installed
Looking for package SUNWsvn
... already installed
Installing package CBEant

Installation of <CBEant> was successful.
Installing package CBEcmake

Installation of <CBEcmake> was successful.
Installing package CBEcoreutils

Installation of <CBEcoreutils> was successful.
Installing package CBEcvs

Installation of <CBEcvs> was successful.
Installing package CBEdiff

Installation of <CBEdiff> was successful.
Installing package CBEgettext

Installation of <CBEgettext> was successful.
Installing package CBEgawk

Installation of <CBEgawk> was successful.
Installing package CBEsed

Installation of <CBEsed> was successful.
Installing package CBEm4

Installation of <CBEm4> was successful.
Installing package CBErsync

Installation of <CBErsync> was successful.
Installing package CBEyasm

Installation of <CBEyasm> was successful.
Building CBEenv
INFO: Copying %use'd or %include'd spec files to SPECS directory
INFO: Processing spec files
INFO: Hint: use the --autodeps to locate spec files for dependencies automatically
INFO: Hint: use the --autodeps to locate spec files for dependencies automatically
INFO: Installing package CBEenv


package | status | details



CBE setup complete
. /opt/dtbld/bin/env.sh [environment]
source /opt/dtbld/bin/env.csh [environment]
depending on your shell, to use this build environment.
You can also run /opt/dtbld/bin/env.sh [environment] to start subshell.
Installation log saved in /tmp/desktop-cbe-install-2010-12-07-01:59.log
SFE - checking out the spec-files-extra repository
(skipped if already exists [ -d /home/kohju/spec-files-extra/.svn ] )
spec-files-extra already exists, no svn checkout done.
JUCR - checking out the spec-files-jucr repository
(skipped if already exists [ -d /home/kohju/spec-files-jucr/.svn ] )
spec-files-jucr already exists, no svn checkout done.
--2010-12-07 01:59:49--  http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/pkgbuild/pkgbuild-1.3.103.tar.bz2?download
idn_decode failed (9): `System iconv failed'
Resolving prdownloads.sourceforge.net...
idn_decode failed (9): `System iconv failed'
Connecting to prdownloads.sourceforge.net||:80... connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 301 Moved Permanently
Location: http://downloads.sourceforge.net/project/pkgbuild/pkgbuild/1.3.103/pkgbuild-1.3.103.tar.bz2?download= [following]
--2010-12-07 01:59:50--  http://downloads.sourceforge.net/project/pkgbuild/pkgbuild/1.3.103/pkgbuild-1.3.103.tar.bz2?download=
idn_decode failed (9): `System iconv failed'
Resolving downloads.sourceforge.net...
Reusing existing connection to prdownloads.sourceforge.net:80.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 302 Found
Location: http://jaist.dl.sourceforge.net/project/pkgbuild/pkgbuild/1.3.103/pkgbuild-1.3.103.tar.bz2 [following]
--2010-12-07 01:59:50--  http://jaist.dl.sourceforge.net/project/pkgbuild/pkgbuild/1.3.103/pkgbuild-1.3.103.tar.bz2
idn_decode failed (9): `System iconv failed'
Resolving jaist.dl.sourceforge.net..., 2001:200:141:feed::feed
idn_decode failed (9): `System iconv failed'
Connecting to jaist.dl.sourceforge.net||:80... connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK
Length: 188352 (184K) [application/x-bzip2]
Saving to: `pkgbuild-1.3.103.tar.bz2'

100%[==================================================================================>] 188,352      836K/s   in 0.2s    

2010-12-07 01:59:51 (836 KB/s) - `pkgbuild-1.3.103.tar.bz2' saved [188352/188352]

Preparing pkgbuild-version pkgbuild-1.3.103
chown: /home/kohju/packages/SOURCES/pkgbuild*: No such file or directory
Copied source of pkgbuild to the SOURCES directory
Extracting pkgbuild.spec from the source and calling pkgbuild
/tmp/bootstrap-sfe-testing-os20nn.orig: line 1268: pkgbuild-1.3.103/pkgbuild.spec-temp: No such file or directory
saving environment variables into a file
Desktop CBE version 1.7.0-rc1 built on 2010-12-07 by kohju@work-spec
Unsetting OSDIST
Unsetting OS
Unsetting LC_ALL
Unsetting USER
Unsetting SUPERCMD
Unsetting LANG
Unsetting USESU
Unsetting EXCMD
Unsetting OSTYPE
Unsetting IDCMD
Unsetting MACHTYPE
Unsetting INFOPATH
Using CC=/opt/sunstudio12.1/bin/cc
Using CXX=/opt/sunstudio12.1/bin/CC
Setting PATH=/opt/dtbld/bin:/opt/sunstudio12.1/bin:/usr/ccs/bin:/usr/gnu/bin:/usr/bin:/usr/sbin:/bin:/usr/sfw/bin
Setting CONFIG_SHELL=/bin/bash
Setting MAKESHELL=/bin/bash
Setting MAKE=/opt/dtbld/bin/make
Setting M4=/opt/dtbld/bin/m4
restoring temprary variables from file
restored: TOOLSPREFIX="/opt/dtbld"
restored: CCOMPILERPATH="/opt/sunstudio12.1/bin/cc"
restored: PACKAGESDIR="/home/kohju/packages"
restored: PKGBUILDFILE="pkgbuild-1.3.103"
restored: TARGETUSERNAME="kohju"
restored: USESU=""
restored: SUPERCMD="/tmp/HDjaHAUEdkjsj36aAHS_sfescmd_jskdhsks7238s.17579"
restored: SUPERRIGHTS="sudo"
cat: /var/tmp/kohju/temp-env-storage.17579: No such file or directory
+ '[' -x /opt/dtbld/bin/env.sh ']'
+ source /opt/dtbld/bin/env.sh default
++ test x '!=' x1
++ echo 'Desktop CBE version 1.7.0-rc1 built on 2010-12-07 by kohju@work-spec'
+++ uname -p
++ myarch=i386
++ '[' i386 = i386 ']'
++ myarch=x86
++ save_IFS='   
++ IFS=' 
+++ env
+++ grep '^[a-zA-Z0-9_]*='
+++ cut -f1 -d=
++ '[' x '!=' x ']'
++ for var in '$ENV_SET'
++ case $var in
++ for var in '$ENV_SET'
++ case $var in
++ test x '!=' x1
++ echo Unsetting M4
++ unset M4
++ for var in '$ENV_SET'
++ case $var in
++ for var in '$ENV_SET'
++ case $var in
++ for var in '$ENV_SET'
++ case $var in
++ for var in '$ENV_SET'
++ case $var in
++ for var in '$ENV_SET'
++ case $var in
++ test x '!=' x1
++ echo Unsetting CXX32
++ unset CXX32
++ for var in '$ENV_SET'
++ case $var in
++ for var in '$ENV_SET'
++ case $var in
++ test x '!=' x1
++ echo Unsetting CC64
++ unset CC64
++ for var in '$ENV_SET'
++ case $var in
++ for var in '$ENV_SET'
++ case $var in
++ for var in '$ENV_SET'
++ case $var in
++ for var in '$ENV_SET'
++ case $var in
++ for var in '$ENV_SET'
++ case $var in
++ for var in '$ENV_SET'
++ case $var in
++ for var in '$ENV_SET'
++ case $var in
++ test x '!=' x1
++ echo Unsetting CONFIG_SHELL
++ for var in '$ENV_SET'
++ case $var in
++ for var in '$ENV_SET'
++ case $var in
++ for var in '$ENV_SET'
++ case $var in
++ test x '!=' x1
++ echo Unsetting MAKE
++ unset MAKE
++ for var in '$ENV_SET'
++ case $var in
++ test x '!=' x1
++ echo Unsetting CXX64
++ unset CXX64
++ for var in '$ENV_SET'
++ case $var in
++ for var in '$ENV_SET'
++ case $var in
++ test x '!=' x1
++ echo Unsetting MAKESHELL
++ unset MAKESHELL
++ for var in '$ENV_SET'
++ case $var in
++ test x '!=' x1
++ echo Unsetting CC32
++ unset CC32
++ for var in '$ENV_SET'
++ case $var in
++ for var in '$ENV_SET'
++ case $var in
++ for var in '$ENV_SET'
++ case $var in
++ IFS='        
++ CBE_PREFIX=/opt/dtbld
++ invalid_env=no
++ '[' xdefault '!=' x ']'
++ '[' -f /opt/dtbld/lib/cbe-env/default ']'
++ . /opt/dtbld/lib/cbe-env/default
+++ CC_name='Sun Studio Express'
+++ CC_version=5.10
+++ CC_release=Ceres
+++ CC_rev='cc: Sun C 5.10 2009/06/03'
+++ cc_dir=/opt/sunstudio12.1/bin
+++ CC=/opt/sunstudio12.1/bin/cc
+++ CXX=/opt/sunstudio12.1/bin/CC
++ export CC
++ export CXX
++ '[' no '!=' yes ']'
++ CC32=/opt/sunstudio12.1/bin/cc
++ CC64=/opt/sunstudio12.1/bin/cc
++ CXX32=/opt/sunstudio12.1/bin/CC
++ CXX64=/opt/sunstudio12.1/bin/CC
++ export CC32 CC64 CXX32 CXX64
++ '[' x '!=' x1 ']'
++ echo Using CC=/opt/sunstudio12.1/bin/cc
++ echo Using CXX=/opt/sunstudio12.1/bin/CC
+++ dirname /opt/sunstudio12.1/bin/cc
++ CCDIR=/opt/sunstudio12.1/bin
++ '[' /opt/sunstudio12.1/bin '!=' /usr/bin ']'
++ PATH=/opt/dtbld/bin:/opt/sunstudio12.1/bin:/usr/ccs/bin:/usr/gnu/bin:/usr/bin:/usr/sbin:/bin:/usr/sfw/bin
++ test x '!=' x1
++ echo Setting PATH=/opt/dtbld/bin:/opt/sunstudio12.1/bin:/usr/ccs/bin:/usr/gnu/bin:/usr/bin:/usr/sbin:/bin:/usr/sfw/bin
++ export PATH
++ CONFIG_SHELL=/bin/bash
++ test x '!=' x1
++ echo Setting CONFIG_SHELL=/bin/bash
++ export CONFIG_SHELL
++ MAKESHELL=/bin/bash
++ test x '!=' x1
++ echo Setting MAKESHELL=/bin/bash
++ export MAKESHELL
++ MAKE=/opt/dtbld/bin/make
++ test x '!=' x1
++ echo Setting MAKE=/opt/dtbld/bin/make
++ export MAKE
++ M4=/opt/dtbld/bin/m4
++ test x '!=' x1
++ echo Setting M4=/opt/dtbld/bin/m4
++ export M4
++ bash_opts='--norc --noprofile'
++ ksh_opts=-p
++ ksh93_opts=-p
++ csh_opts=-f
++ tcsh_opts=-f
++ subshell=/bin/zsh
+++ basename /bin/zsh
++ subshell_name=zsh
++ eval 'subshell_opts="$zsh_opts"'
+++ subshell_opts=
+++ /bin/basename /var/tmp/kohju/pkgbuild-compilescript.17579
++ '[' xpkgbuild-compilescript.17579 = xenv.sh ']'
++ test no '!=' yes
+ eval
+ echo 'We'\''ve seen the build process below hanging sometimes (build143). Try rebooting and then re-run the bootstrap-script'
+ /opt/dtbld/bin/pkgtool --download --define '_datadir /opt/dtbld/share' --define 'pkgbuild_prefix /opt/dtbld' --define '_prefix /opt/dtbld' build-only /var/tmp/kohju/pkgbuild-1.3.103/pkgbuild.spec
pkgbuild succeeded, replace the old version now...

The following package is currently installed:
   SFpkgbuild  pkgbuild - rpmbuild compatible tool for building Solaris packages

(i386) 1.3.1,REV=2008.

Do you want to remove this package? [y,n,?,q] 
## Removing installed package instance <SFpkgbuild>
## Verifying package <SFpkgbuild> dependencies in global zone
## Processing package information.
## Removing pathnames in class <none>
/opt/dtbld/lib <shared pathname not removed>
/opt/dtbld/bin <shared pathname not removed>
## Updating system information.

Removal of <SFpkgbuild> was successful.

Processing package instance <SFpkgbuild> from </home/kohju/packages/PKGS>

pkgbuild - rpmbuild-like tool for building Solaris packages(i386) 1.3.103,REV=2010.
OpenSolaris Community
Using </opt/dtbld> as the package base directory.
## Processing package information.
## Processing system information.
   5 package pathnames are already properly installed.
## Verifying package dependencies.
## Verifying disk space requirements.
## Checking for conflicts with packages already installed.
## Checking for setuid/setgid programs.

Installing pkgbuild - rpmbuild-like tool for building Solaris packages as <SFpkgbuild>

## Installing part 1 of 1.
[ verifying class <none> ]

Installation of <SFpkgbuild> was successful.
--2010-12-07 01:59:59--  http://src.opensolaris.org/source/raw/sfw/usr/src/tools/check-deps.pl
idn_decode failed (9): `System iconv failed'
Resolving src.opensolaris.org...
idn_decode failed (9): `System iconv failed'
Connecting to src.opensolaris.org||:80... connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK
Length: 48905 (48K)
Saving to: `check-deps'

100%[==================================================================================>] 48,905      95.3K/s   in 0.5s    

2010-12-07 02:00:00 (95.3 KB/s) - `check-deps' saved [48905/48905]


I M P O R T A N T N O T E S B E L O W ...Don't ask if you don't read them first :)


 Installation finished. Please "source" the build-environment by typing the
 following into your login shell:

      . /opt/jdsbld/bin/env.sh 

 Test your fresh CommonBuildEnvironment by running the following commands:
 (Read: see above, you need to source the env.sh script before!)

cd spec-files-extrapkgtool --download build-only SFEbvi.spec(or to really install: pkgtool --download --svr4 build SFEbvi.spec)

To get prerequisite packages build automatically in the correct order,then use: pkgtool --autodeps --download build SFEbvi.spec(note: "build-order" does not make sense in that --autodeps case\!)

You may want to autoinstall prerequisite OS packages with:resolveipspackages SFEbvi.spec

You might need some manual manipulation of your system.
This is outside the scope of this script at the moment, so please carefully
check the following items:

Checking compiler configuration...

 Issue: /usr/gnu/bin/cc symlinks to gcc compiler, interfering with the Sun
 Compiler which are both named cc.
  You have the original OpenSolaris symlink in /usr/gnu/bin/cc pointing to
  ../../sfw/bin/gcc which usually confuses automatic compiler detection by
  configure scripts. Depending of your "PATH"-Settings, it will mask the
  SunStudio Compilers with the same name "cc" if they appear later in the
  search "PATH". 

  You should really consider renaming this link with this command:

sudo mv /usr/gnu/bin/cc /usr/gnu/bin/gcc

then re-run this script to let CBE re-do the search for compilers

  Remember to check this link if you upgrade your system, the link may reappear
  with a new version of the package SUNWgcc@3.4.3

  If you re-run this bootstrap-script, this notice will be displayed again if
  you (or a future bootstrap-script) have not corrected this issue.

 Read: the script will *not* modify the above symlink at this time. YOU have to
 decide to move the named symlink out of the way.
 Read: the above link was not present in SXCE (and Solaris 10), OpenSolaris/IPS
 tries to provide a GNU-style environment with this.

Checking system privileges...
Detecting repository settings...

 Issue: local package server is not started/initialized

 The result: pkgbuild runs fine, but you cannot send the packages to your
 local pkg repository

 Occurs only if you have a really fresh system where a local package server was
 never enabled by someone (that's you?).
 You may skip this step, if you are certain that your local pacakge server
 is already running properly.

 Check for enabled/online with: "svcs -v application/pkg/server" 

 Solution: enable your local package server now and refresh the catalog
     (taken from and read more on:

 Note: Run these commands as privileged user! You may use:   sudo bash

 All builds:
 Create separate filesystem (optional, this is an example, use your preferred path):
  sudo zfs create -p -o mountpoint=/var/pkglocal rpool/pkglocal
  sudo svccfg -s application/pkg/server setprop pkg/inst_root=/var/pkglocal

 Beginning from build 127 and newer: (older builds skip this step)
  sudo pkgsend -s file:///var/pkglocal create-repository \

--set-property publisher.prefix=localhost

 Continue, all builds: (note: pkg/readonly is available with new pkg server versions only)
  sudo svccfg -s pkg/server "setprop pkg/port=10000"
  sudo svccfg -s svc:/application/pkg/server setprop pkg/readonly = false
  sudo svcadm refresh pkg/server
  sudo svcadm enable pkg/server
  sudo svcadm restart pkg/server # for reloading config, if it's already enabled
  sleep 5 # wait a few seconds for things to settle down
  sudo pkg set-publisher -O http://localhost:10000 localhost

 I will post these kind of issues on a small blog/wiki some day in the near
 future. Watch out by searching the web for bootstrap-sfe-latest-os20nn and
 on twitter the search-tag is #SFE

 Some instructional messages may have scrolled off screen. Please scroll up
 and review them now.

 Thank you for using "bootstrap-sfe-latest-os20nn" to improve your experience
 with OpenSolaris!
 If you like that script, please drop me a note by email tom68 at users.sf.net 

 You've read the above important information? Yes, you are a good one! :)


レポジトリを作ります。下記は、/var/pkglocalを別のZFSボリュームにするときに使います。別のzfsボリュームにすると、好きなときにrollbackとかができるので便利です。OIの場合rpoolという形ではなく、それぞれのzfsのROOTが別にあるので、適宜、zfs listをみて確認して決めます。

pfexec zfs create -p -o mountpoint=/var/pkglocal rpool/pkglocal
pfexec svccfg -s application/pkg/server setprop pkg/inst_root=/var/pkglocal


pfexec pkgsend -s file:///var/pkglocal create-repository \

--set-property publisher.prefix=work-spec


pfexec svccfg -s pkg/server "setprop pkg/port=10000"
pfexec svccfg -s svc:/application/pkg/server setprop pkg/readonly = false
pfexec svcadm refresh pkg/server
pfexec svcadm enable pkg/server


pfexec pkg set-publisher -O http://プライベートアドレス:10000 work-spec



wget http://kohju.justplayer.com/docs/.zshrc


wget http://kohju.justplayer.com/docs/.screenrc



cat > .zshrc_local<<__END
LC_ALL=C ; export LC_ALL
. /opt/dtbld/bin/env_include.sh
PKGBUILD_IPS_SERVER=http://プライベートアドレス:10000/ ; export PKGBUILD_IPS_SERVER



Recent Updates


SPARC用のJAVA。 最近は新しいバージョンがSPARCでリリースされず、苦労している人も多いのですが、SPARC Solarisの界隈人達がビルドして代わりに使われているものです。 Solaris 11 SPARC jdk builds

Solaris11のCPU(Critical Patch Unit)の当て方

コンピュータTips/Solaris/Solaris11のCPU(Critical Patch Unit)の当て方

Solaris 11.4には4つのリビジョンがあります。 2024年4月現在、Solaris自体の開発はメンテナンスフェーズになったわけでもなく、SRU毎に、最新機能がモリモリ入っていきます。 GA(Release 版) 一応、無償のOTNライセンスの利用も可能 いわゆる、リリース時点のバージョンのことですが、現在は 利用しません 。 以前は、1〜2年に1度の頻度でリリース …



Catalina以降の権限問題なので、システム設定のセキュリティとポリシーの中にあるプライバシー内のFull Disk Accessに、Emacs.appと/usr/bin/rubyを入れればすむ。 /usrフォルダを、プライバシーの+から入れるのは、ちょっと面倒なので、あらかじめFinderのお気に入りの中に入れておくと良いでしょう。   rubyが入るのは、Emac …


自分用メモです。 ノイズキャンセラーの性能が良い。 WH-1000Xのころは、ノイズキャンセラーを有効すると、音は聞こえないのに妙な音圧があったが、それがかなり軽減。個人的には気にならなくなった。 また、WH-1000Xのころは、ノイズキャンセラーを無効にしても、なんか作られたような音が出ていたような気がしたが、割と普通に聞こえる。 USB-Cになったのも良い。飛行機でも使う …


Catalina Beta を入れ始めたので、自分用のまとめ。 2019/10/8、Catalinaが振ってきたので製品版用に記載を変えました。 32bitアプリを確認すること。 Activity Monitorで32bitアプリがわかるので、そういうアプリがあるなら代替品を見つけておくこと。 /etc以下のいくつかのファイルをバックアップしておくこと。 /etc …

ディスクの不良を確認する(iostat -EnのError等)

ディスク関係のスタックをざっくり書くと次の様になっています 例、SAS Expanderを使う場合、 例、AHCIなどを使う場合、 これらのエラーは、次の様なコマンドで知ることができます。 出力結果例 このなかで、 たとえば、SATAディスクを利用している際に負荷が上がってしまい、ディスクの応答が間に合わないシチュエーションでは、Transport Errorが一気に …



新年明けまして、おめでとうございます。今年もよろしくお願いします。 昨年中は、皆様にお世話になりました。 昨年は、コツコツと3年程前から行ってきた改革がある程度完成された年で、この先5年、10年を見据えて、次のフェーズへと進む為の土台が完成した年でもありました。 それにキャッチアップする形で、個々の従業員一同が、役割を自覚し、明確に動けた年であったかと考えています。 …


意外に覚えきれなくて、いつも忘れるので、メモついでに残しておきます。 古いOpenSSHや、SunSSHの場合は、これも無効にします。 ユーザ目線でのザックリとした説明を。OpenSSHではなく別のSSH実装も含めて考えているので、OpenSSHのソースをじっくり読んだわけではないため、間違ってたらすみません。 まず、Password認証を無効にする場合、 PasswordAut …

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