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Apache Severe Security hole in OpenSolaris 2009.06

Apache 2.2.11 in OpenSolaris 2009.06 has severe security hole.

see this link.

  • http://web.nvd.nist.gov/view/vuln/detail?vulnId=CVE-2009-2699

I build fix package for this problem.

  • http://dist.justplayer.com/JPCPKG/OpenSolaris/5.11-0.111/common/i386/apch2213p.pkg.gzThis package was built from snv_125 binary. You need to install SUNWapch22, SUNWapch22m-dtrace, SUNWapu13, SUNWapu13, SUNapu13-ldap before you intend to install this patch package.

This is the document for it. but Japanese only.

  • http://www.justplayer.ne.jp/information_20091108.html

OpenSolaris 2009.06のApacheが持つセキュリティーホールの修正

メーリングリストでも書きましたが、OpenSolaris2009.06 releaseには、Apacheが攻撃によりサービス停止するという、深刻なセキュリティホールがあります。


  • http://www.justplayer.ne.jp/information_20091108.html



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